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Mentor Teacher Brother

Mentoring Initiative

The mission of Mentor Teacher Brother, Inc. is to help young men get the right start in life by providing them opportunities that otherwise would not have existed. We understand that life changes can occur through “defining moments” in a person’s life. So to that end, we strive to create those defining moments. We want our members to learn to socially interact, on a positive level, with each other, other leaders, and young men in local communities. Thereby becoming positive productive role models exemplifying a positive “Standard of Manhood”. In doing so, the members, as well as those they come in contact with, will have a better understanding of how to interact with one another peacefully and productively. What we learn, and already know, we pass on to the young men in troubled communities.

MTB’s focus on in-depth experiences of each member’s life has enabled the program to model and teach positive ethically grounded behavior in extraordinary ways. MTB members do well in school because of frequent monitoring practices and support from mentors. MTB members stay out of trouble because they are engaged in positive constructive activities that lessen their risk of engaging in troubling behavior. MTB members graduate from high school, further their plans academically or vocationally and lead successful lives because they enjoy a first row view of what it takes to become successful.

In short, adolescence is a time of risk and opportunity; it is one of life’s major transitions. During the critical transition from adolescence to adulthood, teens often develop the skills, attitudes, and behaviors that could substantially affect their ability to lead a quality of life that is productive and self fulfilling. Mentoring has been widely noted for its potential to positively affect adolescents during this critical transition period. Mentor Teacher Brother, Inc. created programs specifically designed to cultivate youth through the host of social ills they are forced to deal with every day. MTB is comprised of a collective group of college students, former college students, professionals, community leaders and volunteers who have made a commitment in principle and action to transform the plight of troubled young men from despair and apathy to hope and possibility.

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