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Phi Rho Eta Fraternity, Inc. Pride|Respect|Excellence
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The Discoverers of PHIRE
         Our Founders

Honorable Marvin Vinson Randolph

"When one can own the problem, then and only then can a potential solution be entertained." 

Honorable Marvin Vinson Randolph was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is the third oldest of five siblings. Raised by his grandmother, Brother Randolph was an optimistic young man with dreams of changing his community into a more just one. Due to his upbringing and the experiences of his youth, Brother Randolph sought to improve his community alongside its members.

Throughout grammar school, Brother Randolph saw gangs, prostitution, the sell and use of drugs, and the killing of youth, both on school grounds and within the community, Brother Randolph felt a sense of duty towards his community and came to realize that the problems within it are not merely for its members to solve, but for him as well. Seeing the devastation that was going on in his community, he wanted to work with those that are similar in order to better them. Brother Randolph wanted to make the communities better to live in by teaching people to help themselves and giving them a sense of empowerment.

When Brother Randolph was in high school, he thought about how he could help improve his community. Brother Randolph excelled in all of his courses and remained on the honor roll throughout his four years in high school. Among some of the extracurricular activities he excelled in were band and swimming, where he exemplified leadership by maintaining the captain position of the swim team for two years. Additionally, Brother Randolph participated in the Chicago Police Department's Explorer Program, during which he engaged with the community with other Chicago police officers, and was a Cub Scout for a number of years. 

When he entered college at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIUC), he became a member of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity. It was here where he united and helped to form a strong bond within the brotherhood of Phi Rho Eta Fraternity, Inc. It was at this time where the conceptual idea and implementation of Phi Rho Eta Fraternity, Inc. came into existence. The common beliefs and principles which were engraved in the founders manifested into the creation of Phi Rho Eta Fraternity, Inc. The idea was to create and build a “standard of manhood” for men in today’s society through the widespread concept of community development. While at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIUC), Brother Randolph received his Associate's degree in Criminal Justice and Bachelor's degree in Advanced Technical Studies. He went on to Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois to receive his Master's degree in Criminal Justice. Currently, he works in law enforcement in Chicago, Illinois. 

Brother Randolph's idea of community development involved working with and becoming a part of the community in order to own the issues within it, which he believes is the first step to improving it. Once a part of the community, one can implement principles and beliefs tied to self-improvement and community participation. These concepts and many others assist in the building of structure for self-empowerment in a community. Brother Randolph believes that one can achieve these ideals through Phi Rho Eta Fraternity Inc.’s principles: Pride, Respect, and Excellence.

Honorable Dr. LaMont T. B. Taylor

"Every individual’s responsibility in life is to benefit another individual. For no matter
how small 
the deed, or how large it has some impact on another individual’s life."

Honorable Dr. LaMont Theolonus B. Taylor was born in Chicago, Illinois. Brother Taylor is the third oldest of six siblings.  Growing up on the Southeast side of Chicago, Brother Taylor experienced many challenges, living in low income housing, with both parents working most of the time. Fortunately, his parents enrolled him in extra curricula activities at school as well as after-school and summer programming at the neighborhood youth center.

During Brother Taylor's formative years, he was known for being very mature for his age. In grade school and high school, he held numerous leadership positions and served on student government boards and recognized organizations.  Brother Taylor was introduced to the Chicago Youth Centers, where he participated in after-school and summer programs.  It was at the Chicago Youth Centers where the staff nurtured Brother Taylor's interests, fostered leadership opportunities, and helped him decide possible career paths.  

Later, Brother Taylor attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIUC). It was at this moment where the founders met; in a fraternal service organization called Alpha Phi Omega. Through Alpha Phi Omega, Brother Taylor reaffirmed his purpose of serving the community and met another individual with similar interests during the time of his service with them. This individual was a leader, who was strong in decision, firm in character and radical in his beliefs. This person was Brother Marvin Vinson Randolph. It was these individuals who saw the need for community and service to work hand and hand in order to uphold the principle of “Community Development.”

While at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Brother Taylor received his Bachelors degree in Social Work (BSW); he went on to Loyola University in Chicago and received his Masters degree in Social Work (MSW); and in 2015, received his Doctorate degree in Social Work (DSW) from Capella University.  Brother Taylor is a licensed clinical social worker; and he has been in private practice since 2006.

Brother Taylor’s belief is that “Every individual’s purpose in life is to benefit another individual; for no matter how small the deed or how large, it has a specific impact on another individual’s life.” On August 22, 1994 at 8:50 P.M. the founders pledged to build a positive standard of mankind; provide service to all humanity; to uphold the laws and principles of brotherhood and to preserve and help humanity by continuing to exemplify leadership.

Phi Rho Eta, Fraternity, Inc.

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