Mentor Teacher Brother (better known as “MTB”) is the hallmark community development initiative of Phi Rho Eta.  Through this program, the Charismatic Men of Phi Rho Eta help young boys get the right start in life via weekly group meetings, one-on-one mentorship pairings, and targeted programs.

MTB is not your typical mentorship program.  The Charismatic Men of Phi Rho Eta form long-term bonds with MTB students and their families.  Whether that means attending parent/teacher conferences, celebrating birthdays, going to sporting events, or simply providing a listening ear during tough times, members of Phi Rho Eta become fully integrated into the lives of MTB students.  Indeed, every May, members of the Fraternity can be found traveling across the country to attend the college graduations of students the Fraternity has mentored since high school or earlier.

It is that long-term view, degree of life integration, and consistency, that helps make MTB so unique.  The bonds formed between members of Phi Rho Eta and their mentees are often as strong as Fraternal ones.  MTB students are extended members of the Phi Rho Eta Brotherhood.  Phi Rho Eta members are extended members of the families of MTB.

Phi Rho Eta’s perspective and focus on in-depth knowledge of each student’s life has enabled the Fraternity to model and teach positive ethically grounded behavior in extraordinary ways.  MTB students do well in school because they listen to the advice of their Fraternity mentors.  MTB students stay out of trouble because they respect their mentors.  MTB students graduate from college and lead successful lives because they enjoy a first row view of what it takes to become successful.

MTB also hosts several highly acclaimed targeted programs, such as the Don Hubert Scholars Program.  Each year, that program exposes nearly 150 boys to the legal profession through a three round mock-trial competition at law firms in downtown Chicago.

The Fraternity also has opened the MTB Center, a one of a kind Youth Center in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Chicago that specifically focuses on helping young boys get the right start in life through weekly meetings, academic support, life counseling, guest speaker presentations, and fellowship events.

If you are a student and would like a Fraternity mentor or “e-mentor,” please send us a message.


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